RocketTheme releases Dominion and Gantry 2.0 reports that just one month after its December 2009 debut, Gantry, the new RocketTheme Framework, gets new features with it's 2.0 release on January 1st 2010 and goes hand in hand with the January template release Dominion, a well crafted and sexy template…

While searching for a good html 5 media player I stumbled upon this Video Tutorial by a Google Developer on YouTube.

Anyhow I thought it was worth sharing. After buying an iPad and loving it, I've found that I can't listen to the cool Joomla Audio player I have on my site because it's done in Flash. So I guess that's what lead me to this video. Of course later I will still have to find a cool media player replacement but I've seen some already that look promising. Enjoy

Pixelmator is an absolutely Amazing Image Editor!

I recently found Pixelmator, an awesome image editing tool, made for the Mac. In fact it was built from the ground up specifically for Mac OS X Snow Leopard to take full advantage of all the fantastic core technologies built into the OS. It is not only a fantastic alternative to Adobe's Photoshop but in my personal opinion way better and because it is written from the ground up for Snow Leopard it is lean and mean. It also has some killer features like the Magic Wand and Magic Eraser that allow you to do things you won't believe can be done with an image editor.

RocketTheme's introduction of the new Gantry Framework.

In its December 2009 debut of their Reaction Template is a framework that sits on top of Joomla! allowing for a more efficient workflow. The main features of the new Gantry Framework is its adoption of the 960 pixel Grid System layout and its advanced administrative control panel in the Template Manager. This along with a vast assortment of other newly introduced features make your development and deployment a dream. Not that there is not a big learning curve here as there is. It will take you a little time to wrap your head around easy. I'm personally am very excited about this move. Especially the fact that going forward the grid will remain the same and the positions should also remain the same which will make changing a sites look a click of a button without having to go in and reset all module positions. It seems Christmas arrived early this year.

On a personal note...

WebTread reviews Sherlock Holmes! Great action with Guy Ritchie's quick cuts and Robert Downey Jr. brings the juice. A Sherlock we've never seen before. So whats the down side?

Being a big fan of Robert Downey Jr.'s body of work and Guy Ritchie's films, especially his 2000 release of Snatch with Brad Pitt, I was a little disappointed by the films pacing in parts. It seemed to drag a bit in the middle. I'm guessing this sometimes slow pacing could be to set up a long string of sequels. Kind of like a book that drags somewhat in parts but is necessary to set up a later pay off. In this case I see more sequels and a faster pacing.