Pixelmator is an absolutely Amazing Image Editor!

I recently found Pixelmator, an awesome image editing tool, made for the Mac. In fact it was built from the ground up specifically for Mac OS X Snow Leopard to take full advantage of all the fantastic core technologies built into the OS. It is not only a fantastic alternative to Adobe's Photoshop but in my personal opinion way better and because it is written from the ground up for Snow Leopard it is lean and mean. It also has some killer features like the Magic Wand and Magic Eraser that allow you to do things you won't believe can be done with an image editor.

Another big advantage Pixelmator has over Photo Shop is of course the price. I know that a lot of people use Gimp because it is free and I did to for a while but once you try Pixelmator there is no doubt in my mind you will be more than happy to fork over the measly $59 bucks to own your very own copy of this amazing tool. Obviously here at WebTread.com I create websites and while I am not a full blown graphic artist, I have found that my short amount of time spent with Pixelmator that I can do way more than I ever dreamed about doing before and do it quickly.

In closing, if you own a mac and are currently using snow leopard and you ever have a need to edit images then you are doing yourself a disservice not to at least download and try out this product. I do not receive any revenue for saying these kind words about this amazing product but I feel it is my duty to pay it forward when you find something that really blows your socks off. Below is a link to their website to try it yourself. You can also subscribe to the podcast on iTunes to get free video tutorials which show you tons of fantastic Pixelmator tips which I have found enormously helpful. Those tutorials have helped me so much they are actually the reason I am writing this article. Happy image editing.

For a free 30 day trial visit http://pixelmator.com