WebTread reviews Sherlock Holmes! Great action with Guy Ritchie's quick cuts and Robert Downey Jr. brings the juice. A Sherlock we've never seen before. So whats the down side?

Being a big fan of Robert Downey Jr.'s body of work and Guy Ritchie's films, especially his 2000 release of Snatch with Brad Pitt, I was a little disappointed by the films pacing in parts. It seemed to drag a bit in the middle. I'm guessing this sometimes slow pacing could be to set up a long string of sequels. Kind of like a book that drags somewhat in parts but is necessary to set up a later pay off. In this case I see more sequels and a faster pacing.

I had no expectations going in and due to being a busy holiday I didn't even know beforehand that it was a Guy Ritchie film until the credits rolled. It made perfect sense the moment I saw his name though after seeing the awesome styling that he brings to his films. But I just couldn't help but be disappointed by the lack of editing out the weaker scenes to give it a leaner viewing. It's run time just seemed to long.

There was a very well delivered play between Holmes and Watson played by Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law respectively. Both possess way more action skills then we have ever seen in the portrayal of these characters before which could be attributed to the Director Guy Ritchie but the use of Watson's love interest seemed to be a poorly used device for this film and a real weakness.

That being said I am positive that this film sets the stage for a brand new Sherlock Holmes franchise which may set it's sites on more than just 1 sequel. And after just checking IMDB to confirm my suspicions it seems that just 7 hours ago it was reported that Downey has just signed on to do just that. A sequel. My guess is that we may very well be seeing the next James Bond - 007 franchise in it's infancy and as long as it cuts the mustard at the box office, it could do just that.

Overall a very creative action twist on the legendary characters and another terrific Downey performance that just seems marred by a long run time. Lets hope the sequel can cut the fat as well as reproduce the great parts delivered from this first attempt.

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