RocketTheme releases Dominion and Gantry 2.0 reports that just one month after its December 2009 debut, Gantry, the new RocketTheme Framework, gets new features with it's 2.0 release on January 1st 2010 and goes hand in hand with the January template release Dominion, a well crafted and sexy template…

Just 5 days have passed since Gantry 2.0 was released along with the new Dominion Template and RocketTheme has done it again with an impressive list of new features. Among them are RTL or Right To Left support, for those that need to convert thier site quickly into RTL languages. Also most importantly to a lot of us is more control over individual menu items in Joomla!. This is a really big win. There is a lot more under the hood as well that takes some time wrapping your mind around but it makes for much faster web development for your Joomla site.

The fact that RocketTheme is not going to keep all this Gantry goodness to themselves may be the most impressive thing as they will be releasing it under the GPL very soon. This bodes well for the community at large as we see more and more talented people contributing great works into Joomla and the open source community.

Being that I've hitched my horse so to speak to the Joomla! web development community rather than some of the other CMS platforms available like Drupal or Wordpress, this feels more and more like the right choice. That being said, from my limited understanding of the Gantry Framework it seems that RocketThemes true mission with Gantry was to build a tool for rapid deployment of Templates onto more frameworks then just Joomla and that they developed Gantry specifically to make their job easier for developing between Joomla, Wordpress and phpBB3, which are all projects they support and provide products for.

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