It really can’t be easy
To say just how I feel
I put these words on paper
But it doesn’t make them real

So you have someone to care for
But do they feel the same for you?
If you only knew my feelings
You might feel the way I do

I would throw away a million dollars
And a whole lot more in gold
If I had a ship to sail the sea
For you it would be sold

Because the more you live your life
The more you become aware
Of those who say they love you
From those who really care

And how do you choose a lover?
When it’s so hard to find a friend
I don’t have all the answers
If I did you’d let me in

You can’t blame me for trying
You’re the best that I have found
It’s not my fault you’re wonderful
I’m just glad that you’re around

© June 1993
William Grant Preston

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