Free all the fears that you hide deep inside
Evict all the demons that take you for rides
And you’ll see that you grow more than dreams ever show
And you’ll know and you’ll know and you’ll know

Blanket with cat, warm and relaxed, the day is shifting
Slide in between, wrinkle in seam, you’re positive drifting
Your old feet shuffle to diamond drums, only the beat is new
And mad men talk in tiny rhythms, only if words were true

Shake your blood and watch it tremble, in veins of glass and steel
More poetic and how chaotic, are your seeping tests of will
Rusted truth, rips at things, weak but your amused
At all the things you ever wanted, while leaving you confused

One last try, you wash down smooth
Bitter taste, you push and remove
But what you felt was in the eyes
Where souls can never lie
And even though you hate yourself
You find your back inside

© 10/26/1996
William Grant Preston

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