Everyone Knows Video is the Future!

Whether it's social media, your website, a sales presentation or something else... We have an App for that... Check out the many Video Apps below to take your projects to the next level. Most importantly... Each of these Apps are online and so easy to use a kid could do it. Change the images and text and even music, press a button and the videos are created for you.

Cover Pro Logo

Easy to use Video App to make awesome Facebook Covers to make you stand out instead of a boring image.

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Custom Video FX Logo

Custom Video FX is a powerful to that allows you to do spice up existing videos in multiple ways. Even Merge Videos or change their speed.

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Video Ads Architect Logo

Create those cool square videos for video ads and for social media. Even convert existing videos. But your not stuck with square either. Awesome tool for many uses.

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Intro Outro Expert Logo

This is the perfect app to help you create awesome Intros and Outros to spice up any videos you create or already have.

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Live Mockup Logo

Add logos, music, images, etc to live-action video scenes. Very cool and sure to grab the attention of your viewers. Great as Logo Stingers or to add to existing videos.

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White Boarder Logo

Awesome quick and easy to use White Board app with customizable templates to make fast work of creating them.

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Motion Text Animator Logo

Premium templates to easily create high impact motion and animated text. Multiple animated scenes to deliver your message. Great way to quickly grab viewers attention.

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Story Monarch Logo

Create beautiful, visually-rich Instagram and Facebook story type videos. Easy to create and really fun and awesome to use.

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Local Video Turbo Logo

Great for any Local Business... (Car Dealers, Electricians, Travel Agents, Hair Salons, Mechanics, etc.). Great templates you modify to fit any local business.

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Realtor Video Machine Logo

Realtors need lots of videos to show their properties, and this is a perfect app for that, with great templates that really lend themselves to the Real Estate market.

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Health Care Video FX Logo

This handy app lets you create cool little videos for Healthcare professionals. Adjust templates to fit your needs. Acupuncture, Dentist, Massage Therapist, Plastic Surgeon, you name it.

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Slide Machine Logo

Great Slide Templates to quickly produce super-slick video presentations with images, text, music and other elements.

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You can visit VidsinaSnap.com to see the Video Templates that come with each App. You will find link a the top of that site with the name of each App which will show you the video templates available for that particular App.

On that website you can purchase single videos that I will make for you but to be honest it is cheaper for you to just buy the App yourself and make as many videos as you want.

Thanks and I look forward to helping you take thigns to the next level!

Video Sample

This is a sample I created for a client using the Intro Outro Expert app. *Additional work was done connecting the two scenes using Final Cut Pro but multiple scenes can be connected using the Custom Video FX app as well. Video make take a moment to load depending on your Internet connection.

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