I fly to the edge of paradise
Finding my retreat
>Its there I keep my sanity
From the people that I meet

Like a soldier in the field
Must cover his head from shells
I guard my feelings close
And watch as my heart swells

When we lie close
My heart races with the feelings I have for you
And when the moon is resting just above the ocean
I think you may feel the same way too

And unless this is destiny
And it was all just meant to be
I’ll fall into a wicked trance
And walk out to the sea

I don’t know what our limits are
So let us make them far
Talking walks at midnight
Just to find the brightest star

Cause the time we share together
Is all we have for now
And if there’s something more
It will find it’s way somehow

© 7/13/1992
William Grant Preston

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